On (Dis)honest Gods: A Theology of Liars, Trickers, and Assholes, An Introduction

This is the introduction to a multipart theological query on the ontology of gods and what that means for us being in relationship with Them.

Towards Polytheist Theoilogies

Just recently, one of my clients asked me to perform a reading for her to garner some information that was needed. It was an immensely serious, angering matter – and one of her questions to me was, “Why are the gods such assholes?”

I think one of the duties of any theologian is to carefully examine these statements, for therein lies a bountiful amount of theological material that helps us understand the gods, the community, each other, and ourselves. And I think that the more painful, the more angry, the more outrageous, the more difficult and hard-to-swallow that the statement is, the more important it is to make theological inquiry.

Anger is a part of my devotional life, not only as a powerful energy that I work with but also a strong presence in deities and entities I work with, such as the Unseelie Fae. I work with cruel…

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