Words, Definition, and Intra-Community Dialogue

Here is my new post with a little bit of (friendly but firm) commentary on Halstead’s most recent pieces, the commentary centering in on the importance of words when engaging with intra-community dialogue.

Towards Polytheist Theoilogies

I recently read “From A Flatland Metaphysics to the Ecology of Gods” by John Halstead as well as his “The Dictionary Is Not a Holy Book” post. I have a bit of commentary on both pieces and, as usual, I will say that this is with intent to constructively critique an argument. My interest in this post is to write about intra-religious dialogue and the crucial importance of words for a successful, meaningful dialogue.

In order to coexist successfully, we need to be able to speak to each other clearly and precisely. In order to do that, we need learn how to speak to each other. Part of speaking with each other is defining terms for argument – and for the sake of the argument, ideally, words should be as clearly defined as possible order to reach understanding and meaningful conversation during discourse.

Example 1

A: If we’re going to…

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