Týr, the One-Handed God, God of War, heroism, courage, Honor, and Justice

Learning more about Týr, and this post is FANTASTIC. I was shocked to learn of how influential He is, and more people should know about Him. Wonderful post!!


Óðinn (Odin), Þórr (Thor), and Loki (or maybe Freyr) are the three most well-known Norse gods that the non-heathens know and to some are the most powerfully Gods too. But in my own option, the strongest god and boldest of all the Norse Gods (or any Gods for that matter)…is no other than Týr. There was a time that Týr was the center god of the Norseman, a long time before Óðinn move toward the center of Norse Mythology.

To me Týr is still in the center.

Who is this god, Týr?

Týr (Old Norse, Týr, Gothic, Teiws, Old English Tiw and Old High German Ziu and Cyo, all from Proto-Germanic *Tîwaz, the Latinized name is Tius or Tio). Týr is a Norse god associated with law, heroic glory, war, courage, honor, and justice. Týr almost always portrayed as one-handed, which he lost his right hand to the wolf, Fenris…

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