Words, Words, Words

I wish I could keep this up on my blog forever.

Gangleri's Grove

Someone asked me just a few minutes ago why I was fighting over a word.

Polytheism is not just a word.

It is an identity, a community, a container of traditions.

For Halstead and his faction, polytheism is a word, nothing more, and one that he’s willing to twist and corrupt out of true. No one owns words after all and he has already expressed his willingness to relativize them. Words don’t demand integrity. They are flexible tools.

For me and many other polytheists, polytheism is not a word. It is a living thing. It is a community made up of a variety of specific traditions. It is synonymous with those traditions themselves.

It is not just a word (though if it were, I would still question his right to use it, given that despite the rantings of our post-modernist friends, words do actually mean things). It is so much…

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