Loki and Tyr Update (because it’s easier to write it here)

I haven’t really had the energy to write on this blog until now. The exhaustion really sets in – and I just want to say, thank you to EVERYONE who commented and emailed their help re: my situation with Loki. The last two weeks of grad school are here, which means I’ve been writing papers, studying for exams, and generally curled up in my bed and wishing it’s all over soon.

My practice has been at a standstill, for which I feel very guilty for, and I was “stuck” personally for the past few weeks. I’ve been dealing with a lot of pain and inner turmoil, but these past couple of days I’ve been able to breathe again, and the divination that I finally commissioned came at the right time.

I chose the divination services of a very well-prepared and skilled diviner who 1) did not know me personally, and 2) whose practice and divination skills were NOT in any way, shape, or form connected to the Norse. Sannion offers perhaps one of the best divination services I have received in a long time; I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend his services! He replied with the reading mere hours after my query; the reading was well-done, clear, detailed yet concise, and it had very specific details that he could not have known… unless the messages came from the gods themselves.

So it seems that Loki is here, and very much so. It was also made clear to me that the terrifying Face I saw was, in fact, what He showed me. He has an assignment for me – an extended assignment, it seems. Not much is written about His Ironwood family, or about His agonizing mourning or suffering. It seems that He wants me to get to know the truly dark, painful, stunningly agonizing sides of Him – and to write about His relationship with Angrbodha as well as His children with Her. He also wants me to create shinies for Him, as apparently I have caught His attention by the jewelry I’ve been making. I have a particular devotional intent for Powers who are misrepresented, ignored/neglected, or who only have a particular side shown to Them to the point that it seems that that one Face is the only that exists. It’s not only a Work He would like for me to undertake to be able to explore the darker mysteries of a broken and mourning Loki, but it’s also a Work that will most likely change me permanently – of that, I am sure.

And it is very strange, this Household. Frigg, Tyr, Loki, and Angrbodha all have interconnected histories, sometimes in total opposition. I wonder how this is going to work, but if Everyone has chosen on Their free will to be here, then I suppose that, somehow, it will.

As for Tyr, it’s been patted on my head that my experiences of Him are not my own creation – and that I should trust myself more around Him. It will be very difficult to enjoy this side of Him that is not “traditionally known.” Tyr has a VERY solidified character in tradition and mainstream Norse-religion culture. And I know that it will also be very rewarding, because what He asks of me is something that I am more than happy to give. I have a feeling that Tyr will be a permanent Person in my life, intimately so, but He has chuckled and told me not to rush into oaths (which is something I have heard before from Him), but simply to allow the relationship to develop and to take care to focus on who He is, and not on what others say of Him. His lessons are great, too; I am thinking of His courage, steadfastness, and oath to follow code every time I am faced with a decision. Thinking rightly, acting rightly… I am understanding, very slowly, the importance of one’s word – the binding nature of one’s word – what it truly means to be a woman of her word.

Now I can move forward. Now I know where to go.

I know that They always, always, answer. Let’s see how this goes.



New additions to the shop + a tiny sale!

New bracelets in honor of Goddesses of the Sky, the Ironwood, and the sweet, fresh water running through the forest!

Up at The King’s Raven, I’m offering a coupon for 15% off everything in the store – including readings. I’ve decided that I will have a sale on my readings only twice this year: right now and at Samhain!

The coupon code CERNUNNOS can be used until Saturday, April 16th – just in time for you to purchase any of my readings (which include mundane and spiritual for the tarot, past lives, and rune readings for only $5!) as well as the beauties in the shop that still are seeking good homes!

La Reina del Cielo: “La Reina del Cielo” translates from the Spanish as “The Queen of Heaven.” Made in honor of the Feminine Powers of the sky, such as Frigg, this would be a wonderful gift for Beings and sacred places connected to the skies, particularly the feminine Powers. The woven spacers and the clasps remind of Frigg’s cloud-weaver duties (which are connected to Her gifts of weaving wyrd and of spinning, being the goddess of all housewives) and the alternating colors on the bracelet (with blue gemstone and lapis lazuli) reflect the color of the sky during day and during night. Although I made this bracelet with thought of Frigg in mind, it is certainly a stunning piece for any female Power connected to the sky, to weaving, and to sovereignty with the sun and moon. Understandably, there is a HUGE feminine energy coming from this piece that is suitable for anyone who loves the feeling of Queenly energy, or needs that energy for herself! This bracelet is $25.00 with free shipping in the US and has a length of 8 1/2 inches, which can be shortened or lengthened; just let me know in the note to seller at checkout!

La Reina del Cielo


River Song: This bracelet, made with aquamarine and emerald gemstone rounds, pays homage to the beautiful glittering streams and rivers that cool and refresh the Wildwood. (I know River Song is from Doctor Who, but it’s just such a perfect name for this bracelet!) From this river life flows, giving necessary hydration to plants and animals while acting as a conduit for the divine, being a sacred space in and of itself. I can smell the cool, crisp scent of fresh river water – invigorating, healing, vitalizing, and bringing clarity!

This piece be a wonderful gift for Beings of the forest (such as Cernunnos, Pan, Ceres, Diana, Mother Nature, Actaeon, Dryads) and Beings of the rivers and streams. Of course, it’s hard not to fall in love with the crisp, clear, rich and seamless feeling of this bracelet. You can smell the fresh green leaves of ancient trees, smell the fragrant smell of the flowers mixing with the clear, crisp coldness of the running river, and feel the coldness of the stones that are smoothed by the constant rush of fresh, lifegiving water. This bracelet is $23.00 with free shipping in the US and has a length that will fit a  7 1/2 inch wrist size. If you’d like it shortened or lengthened, let me know what wrist size is best for you in the ‘note to seller’ at checkout.

River Song


Cinder and Smoke: A powerful bracelet calling out the strength, power, and resilience of the Ironwood. However, the primary feeling of this bracelet is that of endurance, resilience, and power – and this bracelet would make a WONDERFUL companion and tool for anyone who is struggling and needs an energy that both grounds them and helps drive them forward through stagnation, pain, suffering, and desolation into better days. Destruction is an important part in the cycle, but it is certainly not the easiest nor the kindest; this bracelet was made to carry its wearer through the harshness and mercilessness of a burning-time.

This bracelet in particular would be a wonderful gift for someone in need of both a reminder of their own strength and a supplementary source for power and resilience. It draws upon the quiet (and loud) strength of the Ironwood – and of the burned forest, with its charred branches and lost life, as it takes on the challenge of the burnt land to create an even more vibrant, powerful, stunning new forest. The energy of this bracelet is absolutely unstoppable, and it will carry its wearer through the darkest of times – through cinder and smoke – through the burning into new life.

Made with tiger’s eye and larvikite (also known as black labradorite), this bracelet has a length of 8 3/4 inches; this bracelet came out naturally quite long, so please let me know in the note to seller if you’d like it shortened!

This would be a wonderful gift for Beings who bring about aggressive, powerful change (such as Kali-Ma) as well as for the Ironwood goddess Angrboða, who has lost much and, yet, is one of the most powerful (and feared!) goddesses in the Norse pantheon. If tiger’s eye and/or larvikite (or if red and black-grey) are colors that are associated with a deity, such as Tyr and The Morrighan, this bracelet would be perfect for Them as well! This bracelet is $23.00 with free shipping in the US.

Cinder and Smoke




Frigg, Angrbodha, Tyr… and now Loki?

(If there’s anyone who works closely with Loki who would be willing to do a confirmation reading, whether for a rate or a reading exchange, please message me at wyrdworkings@gmail.com).

I haven’t really been posting substantially on my blog – I’ve been in a deep, dark place. Dealing with severe anxiety, hypervigilance, and depression is not easy, and it’s a constant fight when it negatively affects someone with naturally low energy. I am grateful that the Powers in my life understand and are patient with me, especially when I am not patient or understanding with myself. I am often disgusted, disappointed, dissecting of myself to the point where I realize that it borders on pure ridicule. Sometimes I wonder how the gods could possibly want to work with someone like me. On top of all of this, suffering depression makes me doubt myself and my Seering in ways that are absolutely damning – yet, every single time, the gods bring me back to seeing that, yes, my Perceptions are up and working just fine.

And then I’ve been feeling Someone walking around. Just a breath, a sigh, a single sniff of Someone’s scent – no real indication, but I knew that there was a deity hanging about. I consulted the runes under Frigg’s supervision and it turns out that it’s… Loki? It was strange, because one of my best friends had suggested, for absolutely no reason, that it was Loki. Then another friend verified that it was Loki who was around me.

I’m stumped because, well, I haven’t had ANY experiential indication that it was Him. The only reasons why I am even entertaining the truthfulness of His presence are the readings under Frigg’s guidance, my friend’s instant mention of Him, and then the clarification from a friend whose Perception I trust. Yet, it is still not enough.

Something about Him really frightens me. I saw Him with trails of bright scarlet hair and devious, highly intelligent eyes. He’s tall and lanky, irreverent, full of wonderful jokes – a fire of life and laughter. But there’s a darkness I feel that’s bloodthirsty and almost maliciously curved. I feel like I should never trust Him like I do with Cernunnos or Frigg; I feel that, for whatever reason, He is slightly deranged before me. Slightly cracked. He wouldn’t mind watching the world burn. (Not to mention, the dynamic here between Frigg and Angrbodha is actually quite peaceful, but having Frigg AND Angrbodha AND Loki here would be really strange considering Their histories).

I wouldn’t be surprised if Loki wanted to help me with my intense need to have absolutely everything under my control… including a self who is unable to relinquish control – a self who is perfectly tempered for others because, for years under severe abuse, I had to learn how to respond perfectly to demands, to watch cues, to act exactly as I was supposed to, because punishment truly was the end of the world.

I still don’t know if Loki is here. I’m confused, angry, and scared that He is here. Perhaps it’s because of what He’ll mean in my life – and perhaps it’s because of what He doesn’t mean, and I don’t like being toyed with for anyone’s personal enjoyment. I’ve always said that Loki and I would never get along and, yet, He seems to be here. I’ve asked Him to verify His identity in whatever way He desired – the only caveat is that it had to be proven, with the utmost of clarity, that it is Him and can be no one else but Him.

I don’t know what to do – I suppose just to wait and see what happens. If it’s Him, if it’s not Him. If He’s there, if it’s just in my head, or if He’s popped in to fuck with me. Meanwhile I’ve drummed out this poem for the Breaker of Worlds based on a conversation I’ve just had with Him. (I think).


Your wicked smile makes me wary.
For all of my pranks and my mischief,
my humor and my patience,
I stand still before red hair and gleaming eyes
as fear cracks my spine.
Your mouth is full of teeth and You bear them
with a grin that comes straight out of a horror movie:
“Terrified girl,
there is nothing you can offer Me that I do not already have –
and yet I am here.
You are right to be frightened.”

More bling: Gold in the Sherwood and The Well of Wyrd

I have two new bracelets at the shop (one of which I am having a VERY difficult time not keeping for myself!)

Gold in the Sherwood: This has been one of my favorites so far. I have a personal affinity to Robin Hood and his Merry Men, and this bracelet just reminds me of the sound of gold clinking in bags as Robin Hood flees into the heart of the Sherwood, escaping The Sheriff of Nottingham every time! In many academic and devotional perspectives, Robin Hood may serve as a symbol for the Green Man enduring throughout Christian England (as well as Cernunnos and the masculine energies of the Forest). This bracelet carries with it a rather playful vibe mixed with the mysterious, shadowy nature of the heart of the Woods. $22.00, free shipping in the US.

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The Well of Wyrd: Made in reflection (no pun intended) of the Well of Wyrd. This bracelet is strangely very unsettling; perhaps it is because of the strange mix of colors, but I hope that this has captured the mysterious, confusing, constantly-shifting and constantly swirling unease that looking into the Well gives. $20, free shipping in the US.


In the meantime, I’m working on jewelry for Tyr as well as for the kelpies (including an protection amulet!) Stay tuned…

New bling at The King’s Raven shop!

I have three new bracelets up for sale at the shop: Dragonfly’s Marshland, Kingfisher Magic, and Stormy Skies. I invite you to read the listings if you’d like specific info on the length and price – and I will admit, all three are worth it even if it’s just to look at! I was having a really hard time not keeping all three of them (but especially Stormy Skies!)

Here are a couple of pics to show off:

Kingfisher Magic: Aquamarine, Coffee Agate, Aquatic Agate, Hematite
Dragonfly’s Marshland: Aquatic Agate, Wood, Faceted Gold-Green Spacers
Stormy Skies: Gray Tourmaline and Hematite

Cento VII

I LOVE this….

Gangleri's Grove

We harden like trees, like rivers grow cold.
I roamed with my soul.
Love bade me welcome; yet my soul drew back,
Not a whisper, not a thought,
The divine intoxication…
Can you love something distant and strange?
I would empty my soul of the dreams
That have gathered in me.

He spoke; He reached out:
“Every part of you that broke
I carried in my throat.”
Break me broken.
Leaves like feast-day offerings
Wind an altar,
Blossomed and faded, our faces between,
With voices sad and prophetic.
I’m here with shadows.
Over those fires no one could walk.

It came to me we had resumed.
What was written in blood has been set up again,
Half deathless, half mortal,
Crown’d with warlike fires and raging desires.
You will follow the bare scarified breast.
It is noble to die of love,
And honorable to remain.
Some dull cowardice called a…

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