More bling: Gold in the Sherwood and The Well of Wyrd

I have two new bracelets at the shop (one of which I am having a VERY difficult time not keeping for myself!)

Gold in the Sherwood: This has been one of my favorites so far. I have a personal affinity to Robin Hood and his Merry Men, and this bracelet just reminds me of the sound of gold clinking in bags as Robin Hood flees into the heart of the Sherwood, escaping The Sheriff of Nottingham every time! In many academic and devotional perspectives, Robin Hood may serve as a symbol for the Green Man enduring throughout Christian England (as well as Cernunnos and the masculine energies of the Forest). This bracelet carries with it a rather playful vibe mixed with the mysterious, shadowy nature of the heart of the Woods. $22.00, free shipping in the US.

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The Well of Wyrd: Made in reflection (no pun intended) of the Well of Wyrd. This bracelet is strangely very unsettling; perhaps it is because of the strange mix of colors, but I hope that this has captured the mysterious, confusing, constantly-shifting and constantly swirling unease that looking into the Well gives. $20, free shipping in the US.


In the meantime, I’m working on jewelry for Tyr as well as for the kelpies (including an protection amulet!) Stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “More bling: Gold in the Sherwood and The Well of Wyrd”

  1. Do you ship outside of the US? I’d like to buy the Sherwood bracelet, but when I add it to a cart no shipping cost shows which I suspect isn’t right!


    1. Okay, I think I fixed it so that you pay for shipping. When I go to the post office, if I find that you paid more for shipping than what it was worth, I’ll be happy to refund that difference to you. 🙂

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