A question for those who cover:

I’d like to know, if I may, where those of you who cover purchase their supplies, including your favorite brands/shops/headscarf components.

I am watching some videos of how to wrap and wear head coverings (I especially LOVE the tichels!) and I am trying to find out where to purchase something to wear under the scarf that keeps it from falling off my head, sturdy clips, etc. I have the kind of head that makes wearing headbands impossible (they just ride up immediately!) and I’d prefer something that won’t fall off, either. Additionally, I am migraine-prone with pressure.

I’m still figuring out to see whether I prefer knots for my head covers or not, although, to be honest, the stunning complexity of the tichels makes it all worth it.

Of course, I will also be very grateful for any tips, links to any resources/shops you love or think are useful, etc.

Thank you for your time and your kindness!