A question for those who cover:

I’d like to know, if I may, where those of you who cover purchase their supplies, including your favorite brands/shops/headscarf components.

I am watching some videos of how to wrap and wear head coverings (I especially LOVE the tichels!) and I am trying to find out where to purchase something to wear under the scarf that keeps it from falling off my head, sturdy clips, etc. I have the kind of head that makes wearing headbands impossible (they just ride up immediately!) and I’d prefer something that won’t fall off, either. Additionally, I am migraine-prone with pressure.

I’m still figuring out to see whether I prefer knots for my head covers or not, although, to be honest, the stunning complexity of the tichels makes it all worth it.

Of course, I will also be very grateful for any tips, links to any resources/shops you love or think are useful, etc.

Thank you for your time and your kindness!



5 thoughts on “A question for those who cover:”

  1. I no longer cover, but I did for Mass and Adoration when I was Catholic. I absolutely loved my coverings from Garlands of Grace (https://garlandsofgrace.com/ ). I had a couple different styles and they were very comfortable and easy to wear. They could also be very discreet, depending on just how covered you need/want to be. I didn’t feel odd leaving them on after Church! I also had a couple of snoods from Uptown Girl Headwear that I liked, they are on Etsy. Depending on the style of covering and what your hair is like, you may not need clips, but if you have a lot of hair or very thick hair, I suggest going on ebay and getting yourself some Amish made steel hair pins. They will save your sanity versus flimsy clips and bobby pins.

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    1. Thank you so much!!! I’ll take a look at the sources you’ve mentioned! To be honest, since I am as Taurus as it gets (not to mentioned vowed to a Horned God!) my main problem is that the tichels that I adore are all out of my price range. LOL Champagne taste on a boxed-wine budget is the story of my life.

      Again, thank you!

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  2. I’m with Miss Lucy. Covered for Mass, though have continued wearing my mantilla during rituals (not for daily prayers, however). I have the Soft Tulle Half-Circle and the Spanish Floral Basket mantilla from Veils By Lily (http://www.veilsbylily.com/). Absolutely loved both. I opted for the snap-on mini-clip for both veils and have found it to uphold to pretty good wear-and-tear, as did the veil itself. She carries infinity veils as well for stealth covering. I found the shipping and cost to be quite good, but as I am located in Canada, YMMV with that.

    Either way, I wish you all the luck in the world, Miss Ossia! :] I look forward to hearing more about your journey with covering, if you choose to share.

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    1. Funny – grew up in very strict Cuban Roman Catholic house – I was NEVER asked to wear a mantilla or any kind of covering. The only ladies in my church who wore any kind of head coverings were the VERY observant older ladies.

      Thank you so much for the recommendation! I have been spending hours looking at all of these beauties (and many of them are STUNNING – the mantillas are glorious). But I have a funny feeling that my Sephardic Jewish ancestors are pushing towards me wearing a tichel. (Also, tichels are fabulous, and if there is one thing a Taurus loves, it’s practicality married to aesthetics, and godsdamn if tichels aren’t that). I’m not sure where my journey is going, if at all, but I will certainly have at least one thing to say about it if my instincts ring true. There is the possibility that this is a ‘blip’ in my Sensing, but with something THIS specific, the realm of possibility is a bit higher than in most cases.

      Anyways, thank you again!! I will continue to admire the crap out of these beautiful veilings. Very, very feminine – and the tichels make women look like QUEENS. Maybe there’s something going on with that.


      1. My grandmother was a Catholic Italian who followed the pre-Vatican II ways, so mantillas were a necessity when I went to Mass with her (same with a long skirt). When I grew up, I no longer had my Holy Communion veil, and I was still scrambling to connect, so I ordered those two veils from Lily and immediately felt at home. I don’t know what it is with me, but I feel distinctly out of place and irreverent if I’m not wearing a mantilla during rituals. Daily prayers seem different somehow, though not sure why! While I’ve managed to let go of a lot of things from my Catholic days, I could not bring myself to do away with the mantillas. I tell myself there’s probably a strong reason for that, even if I myself don’t know it yet.

        I could never pull off a tichel, so I always have infinite respect for those ladies who can! If I’m out and about, I usually settle for a pillbox hat. Always admired those tichels, though. They seem to go with everything and lend a grace that demands respect.


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