IMPORTANT UPDATES! + Ossia Sylva no more

So I am alive (barely – flu, thesis, my final semester, and getting to see my fate about doctoral degrees in eight weeks, but hey, it’s better than nothing!) and here are, as promised, the VERY important updates for this blog and for me.

1. You may have noticed that I have changed my name from Ossia Sylva to L.V.Boloix. That was not an accident; I have decided to use my real name in publishing on my blog. Polytheism is an integral part of my life and I see no reason now to hide behind a fictitious name (as beautiful and as symbolic as it is). From now on, anything I publish will be under L.V. Boloix – including the devotionals for Cernunnos and for Loki that I’m working on! I did promise Loki that I would do this devotional for Him and although it is going very slow, it’s going. I hope to publish it within the next three years, or until He says that it’s time to submit it to publishing. The Cernunnos devotional might be published before the end of 2017; I initially wanted to wait ten years to publish a devotional, but there’s something about what I’ve written that captures the very strange first moments with a God, and I don’t want to lose that. In fact, I’d very much like to share that!

2. You may have noticed that my Youtube channel is gone. I was, unfortunately, forced to shut it down because of cyber bullying. If any of you remember the Otherkin video I made for #mypolytheism, I found out that someone on Youtube had taken the entire video and made not one, not two, but three sections of it where he mocked it line by line; and then, because it was so successful for his channel, he made a compilation of the entire mockery. I don’t want to get into details about all of the disgusting, degrading, and frankly very sad things that were commented by both the Youtuber and his followers. When the comments started hatching into the other videos, and I saw that his followers were subscribing to me to be updated on my “mental illness rantings” I decided to shut the whole thing down immediately rather than let the comments build up, fester, and take power. Nipped it in the bud, cried a little, and moved on.

3. My spiritual practice is very, very strange and disorganized right now – probably because it’s my last semester, I’m working on my thesis, and I’m getting admissions decisions back VERY soon. I feel the Gods around me, but I haven’t been giving offerings (only prayers of gratitude and petition at night). It seems very free all of a sudden; it’s as if I know They’re walking around, but They’re not viciously concerned with shrine-keeping like They were before (probably because I am handling so much in my life and straining myself too much gives me bad health consequences). I have started working with Shiva for a wonderful reason that I’ll decide to keep private – and in my upcoming blog posts I hope to dedicate one to Him. He has been immensely compassionate, calm, and measured with me (I think “measured” as a concept is one of His favorite things). I may start working with Parvarti and Ganesh as well, but I know Ganesh has been around; oftentimes, when I thank Shiva for His kindness, generosity, and help, it’s not Shiva’s name that comes out of my mouth but Ganesh’s. I can only laugh and be grateful that Shiva seems amused by this. (By the way, I welcome all comments about your experiences with Shiva!)

4. It’s also a very exciting and scary thought that, in eight weeks, I’ll figure out whether my guidance from the Gods on applying to grad school was warranted, and if so, They will want me working on and for the pagan community. Of course it would be my pleasure to – but the waiting is killing me. All I ask is for prayers and petitions; although I do want a fully paid doctorate program in religion, it is truly in the hands of the Gods. I did my piece; now They will do Theirs, if They so wish.

5. Speaking of pieces, devotional tattoos are definitely set in for December 2017/January 2018, when it snows. Special reason: Queen Maeve wants to be my Matron, I’ve accepted, and it’ll be part of my Matron-Daughter ceremony.

6. And one final thing about pieces: I have no idea what pieces will come forward from this blog now. I want to be more judicious and more community-oriented, even when speaking about my personal experiences. If you want me to write about something, let me know!

And that’s about it! I’m off to thank the Gods for another day of life and to try to get over this nasty flu. Yay me!


5 thoughts on “IMPORTANT UPDATES! + Ossia Sylva no more”

  1. So glad to hear you’re staying resilient. I only emailed you once long ago, but your generous and compassionate spirit definitely came through the words.

    I was excited about your YouTube video, and had wondered about what had happened, rather naïvely hoping it wasn’t because people are horrible jerks. So sorry you had to go through that.

    On the brighter side, I have to say I’m really excited you have included Shiva and for your Loki devotional. I had emailed you about Loki before y’all had deepened your relationship, and I have a history of prayer to Shiva. My godphone is still limited, but it’s reassuring and inspiring to have someone as lovely as you to turn to!

    I hope you feel better soon, take care.

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    1. Brooke, you are kind and generous: thank you for such a lovely message and for asking after me. Also, thank you very much for the compliments as well as the wishes for good health!

      Shiva is… something else. What a strange and powerful energy, unlike anything I have ever seen, heard, or felt… I say that about every single God, but it goes to show how each is so unique! I plan on definitely writing about my experiencing with him this week, and I do hope you comment so I can hear your side and know your thoughts!

      You’re always welcome to email me anytime you wish, for whatever you need. I can always do my best to help out (especially with tricky things like the godphone) and whatever else you need. We’re all here to support each other especially in these difficult times.

      And about Youtube – yes, they were cruel jerks indeed! But they’re not shutting me up. I have a feeling I’ll get back to Youtube one day… and I have a feeling it’ll be a channel that will be able to withstand those kinds of hits. There’s nothing like a good, good, GOOD Youtube channel! 🙂

      Take care of yourself, and as always thank you for reading!


  2. I would be interested in how the Hindu Gods are coming to you. I have seen more of that happening to other people, and am curious about how Gods get followers.

    You will have to explain otherkin, etc sometime. I have a problem with the whole concept and have tried to understand it. I sort of put it on the shelf- with walk-ins, etc. Stuff that people report on happening but can’t really explain without sounding crazy. Even though, they are quite sane.

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    1. I will definitely write about my experiences with Shiva this week; and the Otherkin stuff might take a little longer, as I want to write it all out on a post in a way people can understand – correlating it to different traditions that have similar ideas and theologies, while also pointing out the uniqueness of Otherkin in the community. That will take work and time but I hope I can get to it!

      Thank you for reading! ❤


  3. Doubt you remember me, but glad you’re doing well. Really glad that things seem to be calming down too, I’ll keep your doctorate in my prayers, hoping you get it.

    Sad about the Otherkin thing, was thinking of looking into that but didn’t watch the video right away (not one for videos really normally), looking forward to the post you make. Really glad you’re still writing and active. 🙂


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