My first post on Pagan Bloggers is up!

My first post, “Thinking Theologically: The Concept of Non-Negotiables” is up on PaganBloggers! (I even have my own space, which I’ve aptly named The Bad Devotee). I invite you to read it, to comment, and of course to share! I also invite you to look through other wonderful and thought-provoking posts on PaganBloggers, such as DM Koffer’s “Introduction To Pagan Ethics.”

Additionally, if you’re on Facebook, I’ve made an official author/blogger page which is completely public. Feel free to like, comment, and share my stuff from there, although the best thing to do is to draw attention to PaganBloggers by commenting and sharing from the PaganBloggers site itself!

The following is an excerpt from my Thinking Theologically post; there are more posts I’m working on, one of which should be coming out within the next few days!

So when we think about religion, we first think about what makes that religion particular. What makes a religion – and its theology – unique and distinct? What exactly makes that religion – and its theology – absolutely distinguishable from another? What are the cornerstones that, if removed from the base, would destroy the entire building? In short, a non-negotiable is a section of the foundation: an idea, a concept, a belief that is necessary to the well-being, identity, and structure of a religion. It is the thing that cannot be negotiated with under any circumstances, precisely because it is the most crucial, fundamental truth about what you believe and how you believe and act in it.


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