Another theological post on my PaganBloggers site!

Y’all wanted more theology. This is as theological as I can get! Here’s the link to my new post, “Thinking Theologically: Christian Particularism, Devotional Polytheist Particularism, and The Dynamics of Relationships,” published on my site The Bad Devotee.

“At the very beginning of his Eccentric Existence, David H. Kelsey presents a vocabulary of “particularism” – of exploring important theological and religious questions through the lens of a particular religion. In his introduction to Volume 1, Kelsey categorizes these questions as the “what,” the “how,” and the “who” – what are we, how ought we be, and who are we – and frames them within a Christian tradition-particularism. He invites the reader to apply this language of religious particularisms – complete with understandings of “buoys” and “non-negotiables” – as a grammar for any religion and its theology. It is my intention, then, to take David Kelsey up on this invitation by comparing his thoughts of Christian particularism with my own thoughts on a devotional polytheist particularism. I aim to critically engage Kelsey’s ideas and understandings about the relationship between humankind and God specifically in a study and a contemplation of the bonds that creation shares with Creator(s). By this, I mean that I will compare and contrast Kelsey’s understanding of relationship-dynamics between God and human beings with my understanding of devotional polytheistic relationship-dynamics between Gods and human beings.”

My second post on Pagan Bloggers is up!

“Something in me wants to protect me from having my heart bruised; something in me thinks always in the long-term because long-term is the only thing that I can truly depend on. And even that is not promised to me. The answer, I thought, was to go through life with my head held high and a sword to my chest. I didn’t realize that I had this mentality until Frigg showed it to me.”

I know, I know, it’s taken forever – but the good thing is, there are LOTS of unfinished posts in my drafts section, which means that there will definitely be some upcoming stuff. I’m trying to find my rhythm of doing work – it will serve me well when I go to do my Ph.D. and have to balance more than I have ever imagined. (And I’m 70% finished with the Cernunnos devotional, by the way!)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy “The Flowers from My Garden: A Lesson from Frigg.”