New post on PaganBloggers…. also, I’m finally in California!

We as pagans enjoy a strange conundrum: that of living rich and ancient religions in a contemporary setting. How do we, as pagans, create and recreate tradition? How do we understand tradition as communities and as individuals? How do we understand the concept of tradition, and how do we work (or not work) with that concept? Sacred texts are certainly part of many religious traditions, both old and new; and I think that it can become part of our religions and traditions, too. In fact, I think that it already has.

Thinking Theologically: Sacred Texts and Sacred Text on The Bad Devotee

So after a long forever that always seems to happen to me, here is my new post! Hopefully posts will become more regular as I get settled into my apartment and get used to living all by myself while wondering how to people. (Wish there was a manual for that sometimes).

I feel like this post doesn’t hold up to the other ones I’ve written so far – then again, I’m giving myself a break this one time and reminded myself that I just moved across the country, that I’m living completely by myself, and that adulting is no joke. Let me know if I have to step it up, though (which I am already convinced I have to).

After weeks of organizing and moving, I’m officially in California! I’m too exhausted to even begin to explain how excited and how terrified I am (and how I already am looking forward to my classes in my doctorate program, and how I feel it’s a crime that they make me wait until September to start classes, because I am THAT person).

Anyways, if you’re in the Berkeley area, I would love to grab a cup of coffee with you and sit down and have a wonderful chat. After these years being totally alone, with very few polytheists to talk to, I certainly welcome conversation — and, of course, look forward to making new friends (meanwhile the introvert in me is hissing). Of course, I also welcome email conversation — if I haven’t replied to your message, I kindly ask that you please remind me!

I hope you all are well – and I hope you all enjoy!




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