The Queen of Swords from The Secret Tarot

I’m L.V. Boloix. I am a polytheist, an academic and scholar, a writer, a Seer, a Woman, a curious traditional witch, and many, many other things.

I am a blogger for PaganBloggers, where I write in the aptly-named blog The Bad Devotee. I am also offering my divinatory services again; it’ll take me a while to get that set up again.

I’ve finished my Master’s in Theological Studies and am now in Berkeley, California to begin my Ph.D. program in Historical and Cultural Studies in Religion, with a specialization in New Religious Movements. I hope that I can serve my communities through scholarship, inter-religious dialogue, and expertise in American expressions and developments of contemporary paganism and polytheism.

I also have great hopes of being able to contribute to my religious community with my devotional writings and theological musings. Maybe one day, after I get my PhD in American Religious Culture and do my work as a scholar, I’ll go back to school and get an MA (or even another PhD?!) for interfaith ministerial purposes to specialize in giving pastoral counseling and religious guidance for the pagan and polytheist communities – all of which are so sorely needed!

All of my efforts, in all of the facets of my life, are to, for, by, and with the Gods, as well as serving others in all the ways I can. I am first and foremost a polytheist – that is the foundation from where everything else blooms from.

I wrote previously on a blog titled The Sinking Roots, a blog that I started when I was just dipping my feet into the worlds of the Gods. Much has changed since then, so I’ve decided to continue writing here. The Sovereign of Swords is the name I use for the Queen of Swords, my signifier card from the tarot. I connect deeply with the Lady and Her attributes are weaved throughout my life and personhood. (Unfortunately, thequeenofswords wordpress address was taken, so sovereign it is!).

I am someone who belongs to the Gods, so I center my practice on Them rather than on a specific tradition. I am a spouse to Cernunnos and have vows to Him. I am also a devotee to Queen Maeve and the Unseelie Court, the former of which will be my Matron soon. Gods come and go with me; right now I’m working with Venus (who is actually Ceres preferring for me to call Her Venus, but that’s another story for another day), Tyr, and Loki (loosely). I’ve worked with different Gods at different times, and I feel that it will always continue to be this way – but there are also Gods, such as Cernunnos and Queen Maeve that will be part of my practice, devotion, and life until the day I die.

If it’s not clear enough already, this blog is heavy on my UPG. I don’t claim to speak for the Gods (nor will I ever claim this) but I do assert that I am sharing my experiences of the Powers on this blog and that I am as entitled to be right as I am entitled to be wrong. In the end, my desire is to serve the Gods properly, thoroughly, and with respect. I am working out how exactly that is for me, as each person’s Serving is different, but in the end, our goals are the same even when they take different shapes.

If you’re interested in reaching out to me, I can be contacted here at lvboloix@gmail.com.


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