Divinatory Services: The King’s Wren

As many of you know, I’ve been offering divinatory and oracular services for the past few years. I was originally offering these services under the business name “The King’s Raven.” I have since closed that business, but am re-opening my divinatory and oracular services to the public under the name “The King’s Wren.” (I’ll try to post soon about the significance of the Wren in my life, and why I chose to change the name).

However, my offerings remain the same. I offer holistic readings by the question, not by the number of minutes or the number of cards drawn. In accounting for your question(s), what the Cards say, what the Powers say, what visions I receive, and in incorporating every single detail of the service into your result, I like to take my time and to know that I am under no time constraint (other than the deadline we’ve both agreed on). In other words, I’ve created a position where I can fully, deeply, thoroughly return to you with a full, deep, thorough answer.

My readings are freestyle, meaning that I do not use established spreads such as the Celtic Cross. I do not know in advance how many cards will be pulled, nor how much time I will spend on your question(s). (I once had a client ask a single question and it was answered in 15 cards!). According to how I do my readings, I think that my rates are reasonable; however, if you find hardship in paying for my services, I would be very happy to set up a payment plan or otherwise figure out the least costly way to which your question(s) can be answered.

If you have any questions, or you’d like to seek me for a reading, please email me at lvboloix at gmail dot com.

Divinatory and Oracular Services

Please note that what I offer is not substitutable medical or legal advice. By commissioning me for a reading, you agree that I will not be responsible for any legal or medical proceedings. If you have legal or medical questions, please contact the respective professionals. I am no doctor nor no lawyer; please do not treat me as such.

Please also note that divinations results are not set in stone. They are “maps” or “guiding points” to where life could lead. It is always up to you to make decisions on your life path that render the results and consequences you desire.

Mundane Question: $15 per question. This is a question that refers to non-spiritual aspects of one’s life: financial, money, love, etc.

Spiritual Question: $18 per question. This is a question that refers to spiritual and religious aspects of one’s life: speaking to Powers (Gods and Goddesses, Spirits, Entities, etc), check-ins on your spiritual path, etc. As a devotional polytheist and god-spouse, I am happy to offer divinatory and oracular services for fellow polytheists and god-spouses/spirit-spouses with the sensitivity, grace, and respect to privacy that is expected.

Rune Pull: $8. This is a reading best for those who want a quick “yes/no” answer with a little more detail. (But the Runes are mysterious – you may be surprised as to what They may say! You really never know what you’ll get ’till you get it.”

COMING SOON: Divinatory consultations through Skype or phone, $15 for 30 min or $20 for 45 min. This is a service I would like to offer where we can talk about your divinatory or oracular practice and I can offer advice, answer questions, or even begin a regular weekly pedagogy with you (if you’d like this, I’ll even give you homework!). If you would like to have a gently guided teacher who can help you understand yourself, who can guide you to finding out (for yourself) how you and your gifts work, and who can work alongside you to help you answer questions, please contact me and let me know if you’re interested.