My Writings

I used to blog over at another address, The Sinking Roots, from November 2014-February 2016. I blogged lots of poetry and prose but, upon discovering that there were companies that poked on sites with small traffic in order to steal poems/prose, I made all of my poetry and prose private.

What am I doing now?

At this moment, I write for Pagan Bloggers under the blog name The Bad Devotee. The majority of my writing will probably bloom there!

I’m currently working on devotionals for Cernunnos and for Loki. There is another devotional taking shape for Queen Maeve of the Unseelie Court, but that one will take a while. I plan to finish and publish my devotional for Cernunnos by the end of this year or the beginning of the next.

I also write and reblog theological pieces at Towards Polytheist Theologies, a blog I keep for theology specifically. However, I’m thinking of incorporating many of the ideas and posts there into the Pagan Bloggers space, as I haven’t written there in a very long time and I do not plan on being active there (as I plan for theology posts to be on the Pagan Bloggers site!)